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We are a proud local family owned builder that pride ourselves on quality work. At Myers Constructions we endeavor to source our products and contractors from the local community whever possible. From start to finish we will be there to support you through your building or renoavting goals

  1. On-site consultation
    The first step is to meet with you on-site to discuss your needs and find out what you would like to achieve with your proposed project, your budget allocation and any other special requirements that you may need.


  2. Initial design
    Through our trusted network of Architects, Draftsmen and Designers, we provide an initial concept design and work with you as a team to give you the best design for your needs. Alternatively, you can provide your own plans. At this time a rough estimate can be provided to ensure we can meet your budget requirements and tweak the plans to better match if necessary.


  3. Cost Analysis or Quote Proposal
    Once Preliminary plans and designs are finalised an accurate cost analysis can be provided, and on acceptance of this, contract signing will be organised.


  4. Contract
    The appropriate contract for your particular project will be provided outlining the detailed inclusions, exclusions and Payment schedule of the project. At this time we arrange a start and completion date that is convenient for both our subcontractors and you.


  5. Selections
    The individuality of a home comes down to the selections. At this stage in the construction process, we give you the opportunity to select the finishes that best suit you, your family and the overall design of the project. This stage is necessary before construction starts and is usually the most exciting part for most home owners. For this we provide you with a detailed list of items to select and provide an estimate spend amount to guide you through the selection process.


  6. Construction
    During construction, we keep you updated by regular site visits, email communication and social media updates, so you can see your design come to life.


  7. Handover and Defects Inspection
    At the end of construction, we conduct a thorough inspection of the constructed works with you, and rectify anything that needs attention, before final acceptance and handover for occupation. We provide you with warranties and specific information on how to care for you new home.


  8. Maintenance Period
    We attend to any maintenance issue during the defect liability period.

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